InwonersCoronavirusInformation for students
InwonersCoronavirusInformation for students
Publicatiedatum: 19-08-2021 om 08:31 uur
Laatste update: 20-09-2021 om 7:57 uur

Information for students

Are you a student in or near Eindhoven or Helmond? On this page you can find all the information about COVID-19 tests and vaccinations. In addition, we will refer to websites that explain the COVID-19 rules in education.
Testing because of symptoms

Attention: Testing for Access does not go via the GGD. Do you have no complaints and do you want to go to an event? Then you can make an appointment for a test at

You can find information about when and how you make a test appointment and selftests on the website of the Dutch government.

What if I get a positive (self-)test result? 

Go into isolation.

Did you do a self test?

    Test locations in our region

    CoronaMelder app

    Prevent the spread of corona and download the CoronaMelder app. CoronaMelder warns you after you have been near someone with corona. This way you can prevent infecting people in your area: download CoronaMelder.


    Vaccination locations in our region (Brabant-Zuidoost)

    In our region there are two locations to get your vaccination:

      For the accessibility of the vaccination locations with public transport, go to

      Vaccination with or without an appointment

      • You can get your first vaccination without an appointment:
        – Go to our location in Helmond or Eindhoven between 9AM and 4PM.
         Bring your ID/passport/residence permit and a facemask.
         If there is any vaccine available, you will get the vaccination that fits you according to our doctors. You don’t have a choice which vaccine you’ll get.
      • For your second vaccination you need an appointment:
        – If you received your first dose in another country, you can get your second dose in the Netherlands. You should indicate that you had your first dose abroad. You need to fill in this form.

      Vaccination with or without BSN / citizen service number

      You can get vaccinated if you don’t have a citizen service number if you stay in the Netherlands for more than a month. More information about vaccination without citizen service number, you can find on the website of our government.

      Vaccinated with a vaccine that’s not available/approved in the Netherlands

      If you received a vaccine (approved by the WHO) other than Comirnaty (BioNTech/Pfizer), Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), and you completed the series, you don’t need to get another vaccination. If you have questions about this, feel free to call NUMMER DTC.

      If you only received the first dose of a WHO-approved vaccine other than Comirnaty (BioNTech/Pfizer), Moderna, AstraZeneca or Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), it is possible to complete the series with another vaccine. You can use the form mentioned above or call 088 0031 595.

      Proof of vaccination

      In Europe there is a Digital Corona Certificate (DCC) that serves as proof that you are (completely) vaccinated. You can use the DCC for travelling and visiting events. In the Netherlands the DCC is integrated in the CoronaCheck-app.

      • You can get proof of vaccination in the Netherlands if:
        – you get all of your vaccinations in the Netherlands with a citizen service number.
        – you are fully vaccinated outside of the European Union (with a vaccine that is approved by the WHO)
        You can get a proof of vaccination in the city of Utrecht by calling 030 8002 899. After a check by phone, you can go to the city office of Utrecht where they will check your ID and your international evidence of vaccination. If your international evidence of vaccination meets the demands of our government, you will get a Dutch and a European evidence of vaccination. It’s also possible to get a QR-code in the CoronaCheck-app (DCC).
      • You can’t get proof of vaccination if you:
        – are getting vaccinated without a citizen service number.
        – got your first vaccination abroad and the second in the Netherlands.
        – are vaccinated abroad with a vaccine that is not yet available/approved in the Netherlands.

        You can get a proof of recovery or a negative test if you need to travel.

      Preparation for the vaccination

      • Get your vaccination on your own.
      • Bring the following:
        – Your ID/passport/residence permit
        – Your facemask
        – A completed health certificate (if you have an appointment)
      • Eat something beforehand.
      • Wear comfortable clothes. Make sure your upper arm will be easy to uncover.
      • Be on time (5 to 10 minutes before your appointment).
      • After the vaccination, you will stay in a waiting room for at least 15 minutes to check any allergic reactions. Take off your facemask so the doctor can see you clearly.
      • It is possible that you will feel a little sick after the vaccination. You can find side effects of the vaccines at the website of RIVM.

      Vaccinations abroad

      Learn more about (getting) vaccinated in another country than the Netherlands. 

      Education and COVID-19