Cursussen en webinarsWaalre in gesprek: Positive Parenting

Waalre in gesprek: Positive Parenting

Each parent wants the best for their child. This objective is not taught in school. At our youth healthcare centers, dedicated at youth healthcare for children up to twelve years of age, we see many parents who are struggling with the same issues. ‘Positive Parenting’ is a parenting method based on scientific research, which makes parents aware of these common pitfalls and offers them practical tools so that they experience raising their children as fun and fulfilling again.

This evening you will hear all about the 5 basic principles of ‘Positive Parenting’. By discussing everyday difficulties and offer practical tools on how to deal with them, we look forward to empower you as a parent.

Waalre in gesprek

Waalre in gesprek is a collaboration between the Centre for Social Participation (CMD) in Waalre and the Waalre Library. The evenings are linked to current topics that are relevant to social life in Waalre.

During some of the events of the Library Eindhoven, pictures are taken for the potential publication on social media, online- or printed media. At lectures, mainly the speaker and the location as a whole, are photographed. Please inform the photographer, if you do not wish to be photographed.



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