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InwonersMijn kindVaccinaties rvp English
InwonersMijn kindVaccinaties rvp English
Publicatiedatum: 13-02-2024 om 07:28 uur
Laatste update: 13-03-2024 om 17:55 uur

Invitation Dutch National Immunisation Program

The Netherlands has an extensive National Immunisation Programme to protect children against infectious diseases. The programme includes vaccination against 12 potentially fatal infectious diseases. The GGD carries out these vaccinations. The first injection is given when a child is 2 months old. The last injection takes place when your child is 13/14 years old. Parents do not have to pay for these vaccinations.

You have received an invitation for vaccination. On this webpage you will find all information in English. Make sure you have filled in the permission form and take it to your appointment.

Klok Please be there on the suggested time 

You will find the suggested date, time and location in your invitation letter from the RIVM. Are you not available at that time? Check the locations for vaccination to find another option.

spuitje  Have you received multiple invitation letters?

You are welcome to get all vaccinations at the same time. Please make sure you will be there at one of the suggested times that you will find in your letters.

Ouders met kind  Siblings

Siblings can get their vaccinations on the same time if they both have received an invitation. This is even possible when they have received an invitation for different vaccinations. Please show up at one of the suggested times that you will find in your letters.

Zorgverlener bij stoel  You can’t get your vaccination when

  • You have a fever (> 38.5 C) on the day of vaccination
  • Your treating physician objects to vaccination at this time.

BMR vaccination

  • You are undergoing surgery within 2 weeks after vaccination
  • You are pregnant at the time of vaccination.

HPV vaccination

  • You are pregnant at the time of vaccination

Zorgverlener bij stoel  Consult your physician if

  • You have been ill for a long time due to a previous vaccination
  • You have a blood clotting disorder
  • You have had a blood transfusion in the past 3 months
  • You are taking medication to suppress your immune system, such as prednisone of cytostatics
  • You have undergone radiation therapy in the past 3 months

huisje en potlood   Good to know

vragen   Questions?

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to bring

  • The RIVM letter
  • Your ID and certificate of earlier vaccinations
  • This letter. Make sure you have filled in and completed the front side of the letter.