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InwonersMijn kindZwangerRequest home visit when pregnant
InwonersMijn kindZwangerRequest home visit when pregnant
Publicatiedatum: 18-10-2022 om 07:22 uur
Laatste update: 25-10-2022 om 13:28 uur

Request home visit by youth healthcare when pregnant

You are pregnant. An exciting time lies ahead. Many things will change. Your physique changes, while at the same time you need to arrange many things. Like registering for maternity care and purchasing items for your baby. The youth healthcare nurse of GGD Brabant-Zuidoost can help you during your pregnancy, by preparing you for the birth of your baby and the time that follows. This way you and your baby can both look forward to  a good start in life.

For whom?

All (future) parents that could do with a bit of guidance and support.


Our youth healthcare nurse can do a prenatal home visit. This is voluntary. You can register yourself for this visit by filling out the form below, but your general practitioner, midwife or gynecologist can also help you with the registration.


Please contact us by phone 088 0031 414

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